Scholarship review: Are you ready for the next step?

Scholarship review: Are you ready for the next step?

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Scholarship review: Are you ready for the next step

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Have you ever thought that you, your son/daughter, or someone else you know could have most college expenses paid? Or maybe that you can even go to university for free? Yes, you heard that right—FREE.

For a while, I have been talking to friends and acquaintances, and there is always a feeling that lingers from someone: that unconscious willingness to go back to school, whether it is to further their education or eventually to have a competitive edge in the unmerciful job market. Not to mention, I always find a parent who tries to save for their offspring’s college education, but the problem that hits everyone hard is always in the pocket. For some, money will most likely be the biggest issue.

If you are one of those who wanted to have an opportunity to improve yourself but you have limited means, or you are a parent who is looking for savvy ways to save for your child’s college education, hang tight because I have good news for you.

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There is no shortage of scholarships out there that you or someone you know can take advantage of. I’m not only talking about those hard-won scholarships from prestigious, Ivy League universities. If being accepted in those places was always your dream, by all means, you should go for it. However, there are always other options for the ones who find the whole process difficult to undertake.

Many institutions offer scholarships with minimum requirements. Here are some examples:

Write an essay about a particular topic for the Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest.

Be enrolled or have plans to enroll in a college or university within a given period of time, and, in some instances, a minimum GPA. One example is the “From Failure to Promise” Essay Contest.

There are also some no-essay scholarships available. In some cases, you will be asked to simply fill out a website registration form, such as in the Niche $2,000 NO Essay Scholarship, respond to short questions for the Course Hero Scholarship or take quizzes and participate in “competitions.”

The best is yet to come: some scholarships even allow parents to participate, such as the CKSF Scholarship Competition. As an added bonus, I can’t forget to mention to Pokémon lovers that there is a scholarship for you as well. Play! Pokémon scholarship

Scholarship review money imageThe money provided, which varies between $500 and $20,000 depending on the scholarship, can go toward tuition, books, and anything in between. Some are even completely up to you; you can spend the money any way you want. Each sponsor has their own requirements, and you will have to certify the information on their websites first.

Now you might be asking, Are they legitimate?

You bet they are. There are reports of students who were awarded a significant sum of money through scholarships. Arianna Alexander, a high school senior from Chicago, once won a record $3 million in scholarships No joke!  Daniel Guerriero, a 19-year-old, won $40K in scholarships, which he used for college. And what did both candidates have in common that made them win this whopping amount of money? Their hard work and perseverance. Those students are perfect examples showing that everything is possible if you put in an effort. I can speak from my personal experiences. Although I never made an insane amount of money, I did have part of my tuition covered for my first graduate degree, and I received $1,000 for an education scholarship from Hardwood Forest Foundation later on in my career. You or someone you know can be the next scholarship winner.

The big question is Where Can You Find Those Scholarships?

Some websites specialize in providing information about scholarships and are excellent starting points.

  • Fastweb, my go-to site when I have to research everything about scholarships, is a complete source. Their directory lists scholarships by year, by types (high school, college, veterans, bilingual and minority), by subject matter (nursing, teachers, multimedia, etc.) and even has listings for “personality type,” “weird scholarships,” “silly and fun” and “quick and easy” scholarships. Fastweb also provides up-to-date information on fellowships, internships, financial aid, career planning and advice, and resources for educators.
  • is another recommended source. Like Fastweb, it offers a comprehensive scholarship database. This site is most widely known for its extensive information on college scholarships, grants, and financial aid.
  • ScholarshipOwl is a scholarship database service which lets you apply for multiple scholarships at the same time with a single application. You just need to fill out a profile, and ScholarshipOwl matches your information with all the necessary scholarships based on the background you gave. It offers a free service and a premium membership with more advanced features, such as multiple submissions to repeating applicants.

Scholarship review board message imageWhat they all have in common is that you register for free by filling out a form, and they match the information on the application with a variety of scholarships available.

In today’s economy, any stretching of money counts. And sometimes with the myriad of commitments we have lined up, it can be hard to save money for college tuition. But with the plethora of options for scholarships, you or a loved one increase the chances to make your dreams a reality. So don’t wait; check it out for yourself and give it a try.

And if you don’t mind, I would love to hear about your successful story. Let me know in the comments below.”>Scholarship Review: Are You Ready for The Next Step? Pinterest”>Scholarship review- Are you ready for the next step-



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  • Mike Ferrer

    There are 480+ scholarships found at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Scholarships site’s archive.

    • Kelly Santana-Banks

      Hi Mike!Thanks for replying with this resource. I’m sure that for whoever is looking for scholarships this comes in pretty handy.

  • kellyjone

    Hi, Thanks for sharing. Still scholarship available?
    here my website

    • Kelly Santana-Banks

      Hello Kelly! There are plenty of scholarships available out there. I encourage you to check those websites above often or sign up to receive their updates. Because they are mindful of the scholarships’ deadline, those sites are always updating and adding new ones year-round.

  • Leslie Soto

    My son is 4 years away from college so this is going to be super helpful as he reaches that milestone. Thank you for sharing!

    • Kelly Santana-Banks

      Hello, Leslie!I am glad this was helpful, and I hope your son can take advantage of as many scholarships as possible. I’ll update this list later on with a new post or within the resources section.