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It’s me! Kelly, an avid reader, meticulous researcher, and writer whose passion for books started at an early age—when I used to play teacher with my sister, cousins, and neighbors.

Perhaps as I was growing up, the extensive literature my school required inspired me to keep going. By the time I became a teenager, I had refused to read teenage novels, and instead dove into my mother´s “library” and read adult romance.

Kelly pic website IMG1984 (2)The journey to full-time writing was a long one, though I have been a freelance writer (non-fiction) for three years now. Coming from the tourism and hospitality industry, I hold a Master of Science in Hospitality Management Studies and have been working on a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education, both areas in which I have extensive experience in.

The spark for writing ignited when studying and working in the field of early-childhood education. By there, I knew I wanted to author children’s books someday. A few years down the road, in a stroke of luck, I was invited to pursue reviews at Readers’ Favorite: Books Review and Award Contest, for which I became an official reviewer.

Parallel to that, I undertook resume writing projects and have written resumes for customers from diverse professional backgrounds, including education, services, business, IT, and the biomedical field.

Later, as a content writer, I set up this blog, and I wanted to take advantage of my experiences and holistic educational philosophy to write reviews based on books while primarily focusing on the areas of business and education.

As the blog evolved so did my goals, and I felt the need to improve and follow the demands of readers while helping them along the way.

Now Reviews by The Banks has reshaped its identity and became a lifestyle review blog, focusing on educational, family/parenting, and entrepreneurial (writing & blogging) resources. Here, you will find critiques and interviews offering novel perspectives on those subjects.

In parallel, I’ve been working on various book projects. I’m soon to release my third book in the series Let’s Learn while Playing— Giggly Bear’s Fun Trip in the Yellow Bus. My first two children’s books—The Adventures of Froblicious the Frog and Dinosaur Adventure: A Field Trip to Remember— were released June and July 2016, respectively, and are available at major retailers.

But my life is not all about books. Adventurous, I love coffee, wine, movies, and travelling—although I haven’t done much travel lately, I’m itching to get back. I also believe that life is about balance, and another way I balance my work life with my mental and spiritual health is working out. Yoga, Pilates, and cycling are a big part of my life.

You can find and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and  Instagram. Or you can send me a message here.

Kelly is Brazilian-born and has been living in the US for more than a decade. She lives in Florida with her husband, with whom she enjoys playing tennis, and is constantly in search of the next adventure.



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